26 May 06 by Robert-Willem Dol
Robert-Willem Dol artworks

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Virgin Philosophy

Virgin Experience: the strongest emotions. These emotions are a foundation for the rest of your (emotional) life: there is always a ressemblance with first time experience -whether right or wrong-.

human Retrospective

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human Retrospective
human Retrospective

The human race is compelled to explore: emotionally, sexually, technically, socially. Where will it all ends? It never will..

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17 Aug 06 01:58

Robert, You R an Artist Star. What a portfolio on Saatchi Gallery!! When is you're exhibit in London? I really interested in seeing some of you're powerfull, energetic works (and buy something!!!) Josephine V., Notting H, London.

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17 Aug 06 02:04

Robert-W, devastating work you show off! Colours, lines, style; it's really original. Composisition is strong, challenging. Attract, affects me. I'm a fan. Brian. Lancaster.


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The energy in Tokyo citylife shows.

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07 Mar 08 01:45

Spray paint... great idea. I tried some metallic spray paint. I really like your use of line and bright vivid colors. The straight lines really bring out the odd shaped rectangles with the contrasting rounded corners. Beautiful drip and I really like the yellow it makes the painting really punch. I would just make sure that the splatter gets incorporated into the overall image in at least one spot. Perhaps put some black line over part so it looks like the splatter comes from inside the painting and is not just on the surface. Otherwise, magnificent piece I only wish I could bring form and color together in such a fascinating way.