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Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)

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Why Make Art?

Martin A. Dege replied:

"..“ Technically speaking I draw. But not in the traditional sense, I rather work with graphic methods (drawn materials/media): putting together and layering various single images on top of each other, which taken as a whole and with the articulated time reference, allow for new perspectives/ points of view. I am also working with the so called new media. The results of this research are installations, photographs, videos, images and texts on the wall; pieces utilizing walls or space, unforeseen, but most of the time with an undeniable reference to the surrounding space.”"

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What do you do after setting up your own website and posting those images for the world to discover your talent?  While waiting for that enlightened day, figure out the true art of the web - the art of communication.  Then strike up a dialogue with the only person who'll ever really understand what you do - another artist.
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Art Trap  by JP Delaney

You can't have all the sweets in the shop you have to stick with one or two from my own personal experience. I realised that I wasn't going to live forever . So I stopped making 3d work quite a while ago . Storage was a problem every time I moved I had to break up work . Left only with photos/ slides of the same. I lost interest in making things , because I was making things , had no dialogue with the materials. Not for me, now anyhow .Down the road who knows. I still have to learn too much about 2D image making... [Goto..]

Art Trap  by JP Delaney

Mamma mia... don't tell me you're going to disappear! Only just arrived, stirring things up with sound critique, and you're already fed up? Personally, I'd like to know what it means:

1) "Get that dialogue going between you and your materials"
2) "It's not really a game"
3) "We all have demons to deal with every day"

Loaded statements that beg elucidation. .. [Goto..]

Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)  by JP Delaney

Found it!

I remember your colourful, contorted individuals.. only now they seem even more isolated and melancony. My favourites are the simpler what's going on in the head, "Shockwaves", "Second Thoughts", "Senseless", and "Undecided". They're all begging for 3-D versions, IMHO. What do you say to a brief detour into sculpture? Now that you're having prepared a (well-deserved) purpose-built studio, you'll have the luxury of space to walk around the pieces.

There's a large work without a title of a female nude blindfolded that has your lips. Once I saw that, I was sure the site was yours.

.. [Goto..]

Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)  by JP Delaney

Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .
.. [Goto..]

Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)  by JP Delaney

Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .
.. [Goto..]

Studio Logs

Sleeping cat   Lina Golan

"Watching TV" Oil on canvas 120X70 2014 [GoTo..]

Sleeping cat   Lina Golan

" Young man asleep" Oil on canvas 100X90 2014 [GoTo..]

Sleeping cat   Lina Golan

"New Shoes" Oil painting 80X90 2013 [GoTo..]

Sleeping cat   Lina Golan

" Sleeping cat" Intimate moments of a daily life. 120X70 2014 [GoTo..]

Life sign   Maria Xagorari

Breath, oil on canvas, 150x100cm [GoTo..]

Studio Log Comments

bouncing   Maria Xagorari

You can have a look at this, Gigi. [GoTo..]

bouncing   Maria Xagorari

I'm glad you are still around! I find the story behind this intriguing. Would it be too much trouble to describe the disaster and the resultant mess? [GoTo..]

Mah..   Maria Xagorari

I see her as comfortably dissociated. She's almost grounded (look at her feet and their distance from eachother) but it is as though she is lingering between two expectant moments versus, perhaps, where she'd prefer to be. I like this one very much. [GoTo..]

she   Kristina Lycke

Dear Jp: the she is of course a he now and i didn't manage to leave him out. He walked into the painting without announcing it. I will see if i can find space for "she" somewhere, in the coming days. I didn't manage to listen to what i can leave out. Sorry Miles.  [GoTo..]

Stencil   NELSON JR

Yes, it was a lot of fun! I'm Hoping do it again as soon as I 'can'. This gave me the opportunity to revive the time I did this as a kid, and break my mind box. There are some artists migrating from street to galleries and some are not. Those who are going to galleries are changing their work and everybody is happy [GoTo..]

Forum Comments

Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta
tris d’assi alla
1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco

Una terna formidabile di artisti di conclamata fama internazionale, campeggia nella programmazione della 1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco che si terrà nelle sale Bosio e Beaumarchais dell’Hotel de Paris dal 27 febbraio al 3 marzo 2014.
Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta scendono in campo per l’occasione con tre proposte diverse di arte contemp  [GOTO..]

British Armed Forces Veteran  [GOTO..]

nice story, i we like to learn more on this issue please any body   [GOTO..]

There are not many places to exhibit, in this local area without having to join a art group. There are two but I decline to join as they do selection on the art work and no guarantee you will get your work in exhibition. It costs a lot to frame your work, and also the amount of hours spent on the work. There was a census for a gallery to be opened in the area, said it was not viable.

There was a group, the main problem is getting people to help with the exhibition. Peopl  [GOTO..]

Ha ha! Well done Maestro! Yes you're to be commended as again it's my own laziness that's caused the problem.

To add links to comments, I've been asking you to insert the LINK tags (you didn't notice the forward slash in the second tag) - and of course why on earth should you?

As soon as I figure it out, I'll fix this so inserting links won't be such a PITA.

Many thanks,
jp  [GOTO..]

Random Forum Post

Random Forum Entry:

Really I look at the site as a venue to map the process of making art rather than a showcase of a completed gallery.  There are many other sites on the web that do the static gallery much better than I ever could.  Hence to concentrate on the dynamic, on change, on updating the latest, is much more the focus of Art Process.  Yes, we could freeze the presentable public image but I find it a little self-defeating.  Better to throw your good side to the wind - this is a site "By [GoTo]

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