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Why Make Art?

Dipalle Parmar replied:

"..right now? its try and remain in that space or zone where i can hear my mind clearly and to see, find out what my hand knows and my mind does not"

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What do you do after setting up your own website and posting those images for the world to discover your talent?  While waiting for that enlightened day, figure out the true art of the web - the art of communication.  Then strike up a dialogue with the only person who'll ever really understand what you do - another artist.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  by Patricia Carmo

Well yes, the old Karl Valentin Quotation. Funny yet absolutely true like John Paul’s remark that AP is just as good or bad as we are who form it. There have been several attempts to bring back the high time of the web site during 2007 and 2008 or maybe even 2009. But it always weren’t enough people to push the blood through the veins properly. So if there is a will, I’ll praise JP’s suggestion to make Trapani a kind of septinale or whatever. And of course I would love to show my huge „Gehäuse“ series in a venue like the old prison.
As to visiting Trapani, Trapani is no place to be there just alone. It’s a place to be there in a group of friends, embracing each other, talking into the night during a wonderful meal at the harbour restaurant and having lots of delicious cappuccinos over the day while stroling through the old and well remembered streets. So what we should do at least is a reunion for say two days of the old gang somewhen in summer when the heat is on. So my dear JP, put me on top of the list for that encounter . . .
.. [Goto..]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  by Patricia Carmo

"Working on art is nice, but it's a hell of work" could be a translation of a German expression Christina uses a lot. I think we all have our very productive times, and our "inside, invisible" production times and all this envolves a lot of patience and many times, it means watiting.
The 2007 project was an awsome experience and I won't get into details how happy I was to get in touch with everyone who had his/her hands on hammer/nails, or just stood there like me, unable of doing anything properly, holding a wall so that someone could fix it to the ground. Unfortunately, I also never went back to Trapani, even if I was convinced I'd soon would.
Today I finally got to upload some pictures of a performace that became clearer to me in 2006 on a log project here. This performace was actually realised on May 2012. So, again, I'd like to thank you, because I'm so absolutely positive sure about how AP has been helping me out all these years to think and re-think my work, even if I haven't been as active as I wish I'd have.
As to another get-together project, I'm sure it will happen when the right time has come. .. [Goto..]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  by Patricia Carmo

Wonderful Patricia !.. [Goto..]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  by Patricia Carmo

Haha! That's such an outlandish upload that has got me thinking though. Why keep calm? My interpretation is ap has gone through too many years of austerity - no new site development, no new initiatives; that it seems always on the point of disappearing from the internet. For this I have to sincerly apologise to all artists here. Nevertheless Patricia your "keep calm" is a much appreciated message for us to be patient that it won't always be like this. On a personal note, I'm waiting for my youngest son to complete high school and start university in 2015 so I can FINALLY quit my dishwashing job, return to Ireland, and start encouraging ap artists on collective projects. Happily relationships with Antonio Sammartano in Trapani are still good and I'd love to ask you all to help us plan a new ap event in that beautiful place. I haven't returned since our first group show in 2007, but I know he's extremely active in building a strong foundation there as a contemporary art venue. Some of you will remember that our get-together there wasn't exactly easy, but with the passing years, we're more experienced now and if we can join forces to design and plan together a kick-ass show, then it'll be one of a series of events for all to remember.
Unfortunately I have to ask you to be a little more patient - things will improve; ap in the end is all of us who want to build a simple alternative for practicing artists today, and I promise you that together we will pull out the stops to do significant exhibitions. I am absolutely convinced that we have great artists amongst us who are eager to communicate their struggle and (more importantly) willing to share with others, thus allowing us to produce real quality and meaningful statements for our generation. In conclusion, ArtProcess still has a lot to do before it calls it a day.
As for the love jp :o) haha! I'm bowled over by your kindness, but really ap will never succeed until it becomes we, contemporary artists working together, so that one day it must read "Love ArtProcess - Our Project"... [Goto..]

Nude  by NELSON JR

Thanks JP. I believe the answer is Yes, the role of the artist is always political. The ideal of a woman, promoted by fashion (and others, even men's ones, like Playboy, etc) magazines means nothing to me on desire wise. I can flip tens of magazines pages and see nothing on those women. All that studio lighten pictures breaks any attempt of creating life. This is the representation of all women who I've been intimate with, is how I remember of a moment of intimacy with women. This is what arouses me, so, the ideal of a woman to me. .. [Goto..]

Studio Logs

Orestes pursued by the Erynies   vincenzo cignozzi

There is a moment when you ask yourself whether to stop or to go on . Can this be the right moment ? [GoTo..]

Orestes pursued by the Erynies   vincenzo cignozzi

Here the head of the central Erynie is turned towards Orestes. I went on the smoke colours that is bluish wiht sparks of orange, red and yellow. I have to darken the scene mixing cobalt blue to the raw umber and Van Dyck brown. [GoTo..]

Orestes pursued by the Erynies   vincenzo cignozzi

Now I started working on the bodies . Orestes should be over illuminated by the Furies' torches. Clytemnestra flesh should be greenish blue. I did not like the position of her head so I changed it . Doing it I noticed that she has a languorish look . I noticed that i should change also the head of the central Erynie to make her looking at Orestes and the upper one looking at the observer  [GoTo..]

Orestes pursued by the Erynies   vincenzo cignozzi

Now I made up my mind and decided the other colours . The drapery had to be red Ruby as the blood shed in this story. Clytemnestra's almost white dress should stick out . A yellow base on Orestes' body would help to give more light to the further layers.  [GoTo..]

Orestes pursued by the Erynies   vincenzo cignozzi

This is the base draft. I choosed green as one of the colors for the mantel of the central Erynie. More difficult is to imagine how the torches smoke can result. [GoTo..]

Studio Log Comments

she   Kristina Lycke

Dear Jp: the she is of course a he now and i didn't manage to leave him out. He walked into the painting without announcing it. I will see if i can find space for "she" somewhere, in the coming days. I didn't manage to listen to what i can leave out. Sorry Miles.  [GoTo..]

Stencil   NELSON JR

Yes, it was a lot of fun! I'm Hoping do it again as soon as I 'can'. This gave me the opportunity to revive the time I did this as a kid, and break my mind box. There are some artists migrating from street to galleries and some are not. Those who are going to galleries are changing their work and everybody is happy [GoTo..]

Autumn   vincenzo cignozzi

I dont know how to manage the log.
After the second image i am not aple to go further! [GoTo..]

Self portrait on newspaper   NELSON JR

Thank you Kristina! It's nice to hear from other artists about my work. This painting has a lot of energy indeed. I'm very happy with this outcome, and working in a series of portraits with the same approach. [GoTo..]

Self portrait on newspaper   NELSON JR

Sorry my short responses. My born language is portuguese, so it's hard for me to put some feelings into words (new discovered ones regarding art)in a foreign language. But I am enjoying very much this dialog. It's good to hear from someone about my work, it's even better if it is someone from a different culture and continent, and with a great work such as yours. Thanks! [GoTo..]

Forum Comments

Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta
tris d’assi alla
1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco

Una terna formidabile di artisti di conclamata fama internazionale, campeggia nella programmazione della 1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco che si terrà nelle sale Bosio e Beaumarchais dell’Hotel de Paris dal 27 febbraio al 3 marzo 2014.
Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta scendono in campo per l’occasione con tre proposte diverse di arte contemp  [GOTO..]

British Armed Forces Veteran  [GOTO..]

nice story, i we like to learn more on this issue please any body   [GOTO..]

There are not many places to exhibit, in this local area without having to join a art group. There are two but I decline to join as they do selection on the art work and no guarantee you will get your work in exhibition. It costs a lot to frame your work, and also the amount of hours spent on the work. There was a census for a gallery to be opened in the area, said it was not viable.

There was a group, the main problem is getting people to help with the exhibition. Peopl  [GOTO..]

Ha ha! Well done Maestro! Yes you're to be commended as again it's my own laziness that's caused the problem.

To add links to comments, I've been asking you to insert the LINK tags (you didn't notice the forward slash in the second tag) - and of course why on earth should you?

As soon as I figure it out, I'll fix this so inserting links won't be such a PITA.

Many thanks,
jp  [GOTO..]

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the key for me is Magic.
a whole new world of enchantments transcending the suffering.
we need to understand and empathise with the suffering but not stay there.
We can help other people in their awareness through our work. It is also a key for others to use when they are ready

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