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RE: RE: can anyone help please?
teresa a
02 Oct 06 17:25 IST

it seems that the last image to be uploaded is the work that shows on the artist profile list here, is there any way around this? is it possible to choose which work is the one that everyone sees first?

02 Oct 06 18:41 IST

teresa...if jean paul doesn't
change the program the best thing to do is to delete your favorite image, and then upload it again so its on top of the pile so to speak. of course if you're going to upload new things all the time this could be tedious, but it is a solution

02 Oct 06 21:52 IST

Really I look at the site as a venue to map the process of making art rather than a showcase of a completed gallery.  There are many other sites on the web that do the static gallery much better than I ever could.  Hence to concentrate on the dynamic, on change, on updating the latest, is much more the focus of Art Process.  Yes, we could freeze the presentable public image but I find it a little self-defeating.  Better to throw your good side to the wind - this is a site "By artists For artists" after all - not art dealers nor artists' clients.  It's much more interesting to  stand up as we are, warts and all, and be accepted also for our imperfection.  No?


teresa a
02 Oct 06 22:18 IST

ok no problem, was just a query, i didnt load my images in any particular chronological order, as they werent uploaded as i completed each work but i think the art in process part of this site is really interesting, its great to see the stages of a work.i often photograph my own work at its various stages, sometimes prefering a stage in between than the finished item! and the process itself is a learning curve.