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A portrait of the artist..
What is your role as an artist? Your responsibility, your worth, if any? Provider of meaning, shaman, political fighter, bum, creator, arbiter of beauty, cliche, commentator... discuss here.
113 01 Mar 18 04:26 GMT
The Art Business
Career, critics, glossy magazines, commercial galleries, art market bonanzas of the few.. is an alternative possible?
56 20 Aug 13 13:43 IST
The Art Community
Is there such a thing as a community of artists, or are we loners competing for the crumbs of the cake? How should such a community support you, and how should you, in turn, play your part?
96 11 Aug 12 14:54 IST
The Art Process
Discuss the techniques, the preparations, how to go about the art process... help build a user's guide for art makers.
33 09 Sep 12 13:51 IST
Got something comin' up? Seen a good show? Tell us about it here...
98 21 Jan 16 14:51 GMT - Directions
What don't you like about this website? Suggestions for improvement, and how to evolve into something useful.. have your say.
70 06 Sep 15 06:05 IST
Bug Tracking
Help improve Tell us about errors or technical probems you've encountered using the site.
71 23 Nov 17 14:07 GMT
Is this Forum Page a waste of time?
If it's not being used, should it be removed or does it serve a purpose?
3 15 Dec 08 07:51 GMT
New to art process?
Recently joined and feel like introducing yourself? We're interested to here about you here.
28 06 Dec 12 10:37 GMT
Artist's Cafe
Real, true (even not-so-true) artists' stories, adventures, thoughts and imaginings!
93 27 Jan 16 17:02 GMT