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Federico Mazza
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Transit IV
Oil on canvas
h.70cm w.100cm d.4cm
Jun 2008

Federico's Description: Landscape blurred

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2008-06-20 11:32

» The Blurred and The Transits series come from the daily life, never from an exceptional source, they come from places that have been seen one time after another, always with a short glance, never paying much attention, they are like blurred images. In each one of these images, I discover that Art and Beauty are omnipresent, it is not necessary to visit specific places to find them. We live in such a fast rhythm, everything becomes so vague, only short time left for a glance through the window. We are progressively loosing interest from what exists between A and B in a hypothetical travel period. We are incapable of stopping ourselves to meditate, everything is so frenetic, blatant and disturbing. The reality between the Countryside and the Metropolis, the traffic, the pylons, the streets, the electric cables, the small and pretty old rural abandoned houses, the decadence, everything is crossed over in order to get to destination: the Metropolis. We aren’t conscious of how vague the vision of each little thing is, during this race where the joy of silence has no space anymore.

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