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Maria Jose Aguilar Gutierrez
About this artwork
Triana, 1992.
Oil on wood.
h.81cm w.100cm d.5cm
May 1991

Maria Jose's Description:
The minting of this term to define the style of my painting production was due to the fact that the appearance of certain elements in each work is not fortuitous. Quite the contrary, they respond to a prior selection for exercise as mere keys to an internal proper language that lead to deciphering a message which seeks to go beyond amiable aesthetic contemplation.
Thus dry leaves symbolise the inexorable passage of time, the end of all things earthly, the reliable result of a major Baroque influence. This concept is repeated in several works, for example: Premonition (Presentimiento), Reading Old Letters (Leyendo unas cartas viejas) or Musical Solitude (Soledad musicada).
In the wood titled Rose, anecdotally the real name of the model, the petalless rose represents not only femininity and lost innocence, but also responds to a well- known phrase by poet Federico Garcia Lorca, "Youth is a rose that dies." The plant which appears in the right background, popularly known as Adam’s Rib, symbolises the masculine.

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