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bruno capestrani
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h.100cm w.80cm d.3cm
Jun 2000

bruno's Description: olio su tela

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2008-12-04 22:58

Bruno, one of the best things in this web is that we can comment anything, and there is no real knowledge of who we are making the comment to (in general terms) I mean, what in our own country would make us careful, maybe the importance of a known painter, or a successful career of sellings in galleries, here has no relevance. One comments whatever is interesting enough to make you sit down and write, be it in a positive or a negative way. As you said there are few negative comments, first just for courtesy, and second because when one makes such a comment the least that we can do is offer some reasons, and this takes time and honesty. Your first comment was smug,( I think this is the word), in Spain we would say "petulante", I will not enter into the discussion if the drawing is or not good, I just feel that it is very easy to say "this is not art" the difficulty is explaining why you have that opinion, but I can understand this is not easy for you. Well it could have been a coincidence, but your second comment, saying that Maria should wash her mouth after mentioning Mattisse is as stupid and self-sufficient as the first one. I'm sorry to tell you that here we DO admit and in fact WANT to receive all kinds of comments, but we have been spoiled you know and now we expect them to be intelligent and well written and reasoned. You can read very interesting conversations that have taken place between Hillel, Hanjo, Maria, John Paul, Arnold,Federico, and many others, you just have to take a look at "authoritative voices" but all of them take place within a mutual respect attitude. It would do you good to read them carefully, maybe you can learn something.

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