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About ArtProcess
By artists.
For artists.


The goals of this site are:
1. to make it easy for artists exhibit on the web
2. to promote communication between those artists.
Update: Those were the original goals in 2003 when there were no free spaces for artists to upload their work. Since then, happily, there are many to choose from and much better than ArtProcess. Point 2 is still an issue however, and so we'll continue to beat that particular drum for the foreseeable future.

How It Works

Simple. Register, then upload photos of your works. No technical knowledge required. You can delete anything you upload - so experiment!
Once you've uploaded your stuff, look at the work of the other artists on the site and start posting comments on the artworks that grab your attention.
Generally speaking, to be ignored is one of the worst things to occur to an artist. Any reaction, good or bad, is better than silence, so you can do your bit to help out, as the feedback from fellow artists is especially useful and welcome.

Does It Cost?

No.  Note there's no advertising either.

Who runs this?

ArtProcess was setup by JP Delaney, an Irish painter, currently in Italy.
The objective was to provide an opportunity for informal communications between those interested in the art process.

Isn't there any quality control of contributing artists?

No. Anyone can exhibit with ArtProcess. In that sense, as a viewer, your mileage will vary. You'll have to take the bad with the good. I'm hoping however that the site attracts more artists in search of a truth, or a meaning, than those just exhibiting how technically able they are. Desiring a democratic medium, I don't feel in a position to judge the work of anyone to such an extent as to deny their need to communicate (taking into account that what they do is not outwardly offensive to others).

Can I sell my stuff here?

Nope. There's no business model to artprocess, and there's no functionality built into the site to handle online sales. ArtProcess is for artists, and not for artists' clients, nor artists' dealers. As we're all more or less stoney broke, there ain't no financial gain to be found here.  What you will find, however, is a possibility to communicate with others who are facing the same problems as you (in their art, in their life) but solving them in completely different ways. And seeing the validity of a different viewpoint is the first step in allowing your own work to grow, and there's much more profit in that than any money transaction.
Needless to say, ArtProcess isn't against doing business, it's just not the point of this particular project. You have the possibility of adding a link to your own website, and from there to handle your sales contacts. Good luck.



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