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Jacques Montel
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Under Construction
Carbon paper on paper
h.83cm w.63cm d.2cm
Oct 2006

Jacques's Description: Carbongraphic

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2007-01-10 06:44

My process is quick and intuitive. My hands work closely with my materials, pulling out the gestures, forms and textures that long to be released from the paper or canvas. For an extended period of time I had worked with oils and acrylics. Over time these traditional materials became a time-consuming obstacle to my process. I realized that radical changes were needed - that I must find a medium that permits my explosive process to express itself. I had found carbon paper in my studio. I actually did not know how it would behave, so I started experimenting with the material. I realized quite quickly that here existed unsuspected possibilities within these very humble papers.
After many days of experimentation, I succeeded to develop a way to detach the carbon material from the paper with different technique. Fantastic forces showed itself in this paper that contained only carbon and wax. From a common black carbon paper I was able to pull out tones of yellow, ocher, and brown, gray nuances and different textures. I named this process Carbongraphic.
I continued experimenting developing variations of color and texture depending on how I handled the paper. Eventually I began to combine materials on canvas and/or paper. For example: oil paint with carbon, acrylic with carbon or fabric, as well as other combinations now worked well to maintain my spontaneous and direct process.
All my works of art are one of a kind while they look to have elements of prints or editions. I title all of my work "Under Construction" to emphasize that the image has unique interpretations and impressions for each viewer. For myself, the feeling in the picture is more important than the reason. The piece must address myself and the beholder on a personal level.
Carbongraphic is instant, explosive and dramatic as a process. As a viewed image the picture allows the beholder much time to discover the many nuances found within: the concealed properties, the loose bits of carbon, the mysteries of lightness, darkness, depth, shadow, weight, shifts, a feeling, … a fragrance?
One sees the picture, but one does not know really recognize what one sees. Interpretations of one piece can be as vast as love and beauty to fear and death.

To this end, an abstract composition has much to say and takes its time to reveal itself in full for those willing to wait. It rewards patience and close observation as nuances are revealed, transformed and revealed new again. With an open eye and mind, the picture speaks.

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